Mira & Cedric

Fridays for Future & ver.di

Cedric and Mira will be waiting for you in one of our discussion rooms. Cedric is active in the local Fridays For Future in Kassel and also speaker for the nationwide Kooperations AG. As a worker at the Volkswagen assembly factory he (allegedly) lives in conflict between the employees perspective and the climate movement. Mira is responsible for the nationwide coordination of all questions regarding public transport that concern the unions for the German union ver.di.

Allan Alaküla

Expert for Fare-Free Public Transport

Allan Alaküla is the Head of Tallinn EU Office, a city which offers its citizens free public transport since 2013.

Janna Aljets

Climate activist

Dr. Paul Barter

Expert on parking policy

Dr. Paul Barter is a consultant, researcher, trainer, writer and podcaster best known for his parking policy expertise. Paul also has research, policy and training strengths on international comparisons of urban transport, travel demand management and public transport regulation. He has written extensively on parking policy and provided insight to various metropolitan governments as a consultant to international organizations such as the World Bank and GIZ. Since 2000, Paul has taught at the National University of Singapore (NUS), mostly in the LKY School of Public Policy as an Assistant Professor and, since 2012, as an Adjunct Associate Professor.

François Bausch

Minister für Mobilität in Luxemburg

Francois Bausch is the Minister of Defence, Minister for Mobility and was appointed Deputy Prime Minister while keeping his other ministerial portfolios. Besides that he is the leader of the green party in the chamber. Prior to embarking on his political career, François Bausch was an officer with Luxembourg National Railways. "The introduction of free public transport is an important social measure," stated Mr. Bausch, when a year ago, public transport became fare-free in the whole country of Luxembourg.

Philip Bedall

Environmental and political scientist

Frank Böhnke

Federal bursar / 2. Vice president and federal committee for the German Railway-Client Association

Andreas Bovenschulte

Mayor and President of the Senate of the Free Hanseatic city of Bremen

Holger Bruch

Agency for arranging rides

Holger Bruch gündete mit seinem Kollegen Frank Gerhardt die MITFAHR|DE|ZENTRALE. Ziel der Initiative ist die Reduktion von Autos auf den Straßen, durch ein einfaches Prinzip: Mitfahren! Außerdem starteten sie das Projekt Mitfahren-BW. Mitfahren-BW verbindet Fahrgemeinschaften und ÖPNV in einer intermodalen Routensuche und zeigt damit neue Mobilitätsoptionen für den Weg zum Arbeits- oder Ausbildungsplatz.

Elizabeth Deakin

Professor of City and Regional Planning at UC Berkeley

Elizabeth Deakin is Professor of City and Regional Planning at UC Berkeley, where she also is an affiliated faculty member of the Energy and Resources Group and the Master of Urban Design group. She formerly served as Director of the University of California Transportation Research Center (1998-2008) and co-director of the UC Berkeley Global Metropolitan Studies Initiative (2005-2008). Deakin's research focuses on transportation and land use policy and the environmental impacts of transportation. She currently is carrying out a series of studies on urban development and transportation in China, Latin America, and India as well as in California.

Calvin Deppisch

Public services Bonn

Katja Diehl

Expert for mobility, Future-activist, Podcast: She drives Mobility

Sven Domroes

Pendlernetz.de (commuting)

Isobel Duxfield

Gender Perspectives in Urban Mobility

Isobel is Membership and Communications Officer at POLIS Network. She completed her masters at Cambridge University in Multi-Disciplinary Gender studies, researching gender inclusive cycling, and has written (and podcasted) widely about gender inclusion, both at industry and policy making levels. Isobel participates in POLIS' Gender Perspectives in Urban Mobility group, which brings together mobility stakeholders to share best practices for improving transport services for female users.

Katrin Dziekan

Head of section Environment and Transport at the UBA

Bettina Fabich

"Wunderlinie" Groningen

John Gade

Train and bike - a last mile solution

I’m John Gade, and I’m an everyday commuter cyclist and I’m also a surgeon of gastroenterological surgery, and no traditional expert. Occasionally I bring my bike with the train, and I’m here to tell you how the bicycle and public transport can work together to benefit both. The idea is that the possibility of bringing the bike with the train increases the range of the bike as well as the accessibility of the train. Central is my proposal of vertical, compact bicycle rack, that takes up much less space than the traditional.

Wolfgang Geißler

Speaker of Einfach Einsteigen

Frank Gerhardt

CityNavigation: Open Source for public transport

Bente Grimm

Researcher on mobility at the NIT Kiel

Anabel Gulías Torreiro

Spokesperson for the municipal government of Pontevedra and councilor for the promotion of the city

Anabel Gulías Torreiro is a councillor for the Bloque Nacionalista Galego (BNG) in the City Council of Pontevedra, occupying the position of Councillor for City Promotion and Urbanism since 2015. She worked as a technical trainer for the IGC, and was a technician for the GDR-20. She was also the manager of the newspaper Sermos Galiza and councilor of the BNG in the city council of Forcarei. The city of Pontevedra in Galicia, northern Spain, has reversed the typical mobility hierarchy to put pedestrians first and vehicles last. Since 1999, Pontevedra has substantially reduced traffic levels, opened up its public spaces for everyday social uses and imposed strict environmental protection guidelines. The air is clean, there is very little noise pollution and, for most of the day, it's possible to walk freely without the worry of drivers acting as if they own the streets.

Michael Brückner

Trufi Association e.V.

Michael Herwegen

Student assistant at the ILS in Dortmund

Christian Hinkelmann

Uncommited journalist

Niklas Hoffmann

Mobility Institute Berlin

Michael Jonitz

Deputy for the CDU in the citizenry of Bremen. Member of the Deputation for Mobility, Construction and City Development

Marion Jungbluth

Consumer advice centre association

Bastian Kettner


Anne Klein-Hitpaß

Traffic researcher, fields: public space, parking management

Bernd-Uwe Kleist

Meck-Schweizer“ (rural logistic and passenger transport)

Holger Kloth

VDV Lower Saxony/Bremen

Barbara Koch


Wolfgang Konukiewitz

Speaker for the local traffic association of Lower Saxony

Prof. Dr. Jana Kühl

Ostfalia University for applied sciences

Kai Kuhnhenn

Concept factory New Economy

Stephan Kyrieleis


Fabian Lohmann

allerauto (rural E-Car-Sharing)

Fabian is one of the persons behind allerauto.de, a cooperative eCarsharing in rural Lower Saxony. He spent some time pursuing the Energiewende working with renewable energy (wind and solar). Now his focus is to create more cooperative infrastructure in the countryside (shared mobility and workshops) and online (freiheitswolke.org), in order to strengthen a bottom up system change. Another interest are performances in public spaces to fight for climate justice.

Lorenz Wojzischke


Stewart Mader

Expert for customer experience in public transport

Stewart Mader studied chemistry at the University of Hartford and completed his Master of Education at the University at Albany in New York. Since then, he is committed to developing equitable and sustainable mobility structures through numerous projects and a great deal of dedication. Along the way, Mader has led customer advocacy for NJ Transit, the third-largest transit agency in the country, where he advocated for customer input and requests, he has written his book Wikipatterns, and worked with numerous political and business leaders.

Oliver Mietzsch

Leipzig Chairman of the local traffic space association

Dr. Alexandra Millonig

Researcher at the AIT Mobility Department in the area Dynamic Transportation Systems

Dr. Alexandra Millonig is Senior Scientist at the Austrian Institute of Technology in the Mobility department. She is responsible for the conceptual design, implementation and management of national and international research projects related to cross-sectoral topics in the area of (spatial) behaviour and sustainable behaviour change. In addition, she gives lectures on sustainable city development and behaviour change. Alexandra holds a master’s degree in Urban and Regional Planning and a PhD on pedestrian typologies from the Vienna University of Technology and has been involved as Expert Advisor in the implementation of the European Joint Programming Initiative “Urban Europe” and the development of the Urban Europe Strategic Research Framework. As of 2021, she leads the ECTRI Mobility Thematic Group.

Yan Minagawa

Passenger network

Yan Minagawa was the technical sales consultant and later head of the development department at HeinleinSupport. After a parental leave, he now works as technical manager at ride2go. Minagawa spoke at Wocomoco, which held an annual sustainable mobility congress until 2019, and at several other events.

Paul Minett

traffic researcher from Auckland,NZ

Fabian Mitter


Karl-Peter Naumann

Honorary chairman of the passenger network Pro Bahn

John Niles

Traffic expert from Vancouver

John Niles is Founder and President of Global Telematics, a policy research consultancy based in Seattle focused on designing policies and actions for transportation improvement. As a Research Associate at Mineta Transportation Institute, he has led team studies on transit-oriented development, urban freight mobility planning, bus rapid transit, micro-transit, and overall public transit productivity analysis. He is co-author of the textbook The End of Driving: Transportation Systems and Public Policy Planning for Autonomous Vehicles (Elsevier, 2018), as well as many technical reports and articles. He earned his MS at Carnegie Mellon University and his SB at Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Sara Ortiz Escalante

Collectivo Punto 6; feminist activist and urban planner

Sara Ortiz Escalante is a feminist activist and urban planner. Sara received a PhD in Planning by the University of British Columbia with the dissertation "Planning the everyday/everynight: a feminist participatory action research with women nightshift workers". Sara is a member of Col·lectiu Punt 6, a coop of sociologists, planners and architects based in Barcelona working applying an intersectional feminist perspective in urban planning. Based in Barcelona, Col·lectiu Punt 6 has more than 15 years of experience working nationally and internationally. They develop urban planning and architecture projects, participatory processes, capacity building, teaching and research. In the field of mobility, they have facilitated participatory processes to accompany the design of active mobility infrastructures (school paths and network of benches), developed studies of cycling mobility from a feminist perspective and conducted gender audits of public transportation as advised public transportation agencies in integrating a gender perspective in mobility systems. In November 2019, they published "Urbanismo Feminista. Por una Transformación Radical de los Espacios de Vida" Virus Editorial. They have published multiple materials and guides to apply a feminist perspective in different aspects of design and planning.

Arnaud Passalacqua

Engineer, historian, lecturer at Ecole d’Urbanisme de Paris and co-director of the Fare-free public transport Monitor

Rebecca Peters


Rebecca Peters is deputy federal chair of the German Cycling Club (ADFC e.V.) and represents the topics of transport policy and diversity on the board. Feminist perspectives and interface topics also play an important role again and again in her master's degree program in sustainable urban development.

Anne Pinnow

Concept New Economy "Future For All" project

Clemens Rath

Passenger network

Stefan Reinhardt

„garantiert mobil!“ - "mobility guaranteed!" (integrated traffic concept Odenwald)

Based on an early interest in urban and transport planning, I have dealt with a variety of topics around analysing and shaping mobility during my studies and career. Over time, my interests have shifted and widened from the technical and operational aspects of public transport management to mobility in its various meanings for society. Nevertheless, most of my work so far has kept some link to the public transport sector in its different forms (from international rail to community buses). In my work, both as researcher and consultant, I furthermore aim to apply research findings to the present situation and make them useful for everyday life.

Jochen Sauer

WVI traffic research and infrastructure planning corporation

Jochen Sauer ist Diplom Informatiker und arbeitet als Prokurist und Bereichsleiter in der Ingenieur- und Beratungsgesellschaft WVI - Verkehrsforschung & Infrastrukturplanung in Braunschweig. Eins seiner Projekte war die Begutachtung der Umsetzung eines 365€-Tickets in Braunschweig.

Ralph Saxe

Deputy in the citizenry of Bremen for the Green Party

Ralph Saxe ist Mitglied der Grünen und seit 2011 Abgeordneter in der Bremischen Bürgerschaft und Sprecher der Fraktion für Wirtschaft und Verkehr. In seiner poloitischen Arbeit setzt er sich für eine Stärkung des Umweltverbunds, den Ausbau des ÖPNVs und die Verbesserung der Verkehrssicherheit ein. Sein verkehrspolitisches Engagement zeigt sich außerdem in der Mitarbeit in verschiedenen gemeinnützige Vereine, unter anderem für den ADFC und den Verein "Autofreier StadtTraum".

Janin Schaffer

Physical oceanographer at the AWI

Martin Schiefelbusch

Center of excellence at NVBW für new forms ofpublic transport supply

Anja Schiemann

Deputy of the social democratic party at the citizenry of Bremen

Anja Schiemann ist Verwaltungsfachfrau und als SPD-Politikerin Abgeordnete in der Bremischen Bürgerschaft. Sie ist Mitglied der Deputation für Umwelt, Bau, Verkehr, Stadtentwicklung, Energie und Landwirtschaft und Sprecherin für den Bereich Verkehr. Vor dem Wechsel in die Bürgerschaft war sie 8 Jahre lang im Beirat Woltmershausen aktiv.

Mirko Schulte


Diana Silvestru

Social scientist focussing on safety & security, resilience & prevention, mobility and IKT

Wolfgang Sprick

Developer, business analyst, requirement engineer, project lead in mobility projects

Roman Suthold

ADAC Nordrhein, Fresenius University

Lisa Tschink & Wolfgang Köhler-Naumann

Alliance for traffic turnaround Bremen

Wolfram Uerlich

The synergy between public transport & riding

Wolfram Uerlich is founder and CEO of goFLUX Mobility GmbH. He studied Business Administration at the University of Cologne, specializing in Supply Chain Management & Behavioral Economics (Master's degree). While still a student, he founded Idealogon GmbH & Co. KG, a management consultancy where he has also been CEO since 2016. One year later, he founded goFLUX. The company runs a carpool app for short distance rides. Wolfram Uerlich has many years of experience in the development and implementation of digital mobility models and is an expert in the field of simulation-based process optimization.

Cornelia Vogt

Homebound telephone

Cornelia Vogt ist 54 Jahre alt, Betriebswirtin und seit 2016 beim Heimwegtelefon, davon seit 2018 als 1. Vorsitzende. Sie wird über  Sexismus im öffentlichen Raum sprechen und was wir dagegen tun können.

Phil Washington

CEO of the LA Metro

Filip Watteeuw

Ghent: Vice Mayor, responsible for Mobility, Public Space and Urban Planning

Mark Wege

Einfach Einsteigen

Robin Weidner

Passenger ticket - support hitchhiking through visible infrastructure

Stefan Weigele


Janina Welsch

Researcher on mobility behaviour

Antonia Wohlgemuth