About us

The Initiative ‚Einfach Einsteigen‘ (‚simply hop on‘) advocates for expansion and improvement of the public transport system as part of an extensive transformation of the transportation sector. More concretely, we have come up with a concept for a public transport (system) which requires no tickets and is financed in equal parts/share by citizens and companies. The senate in Bremen is currently reviewing this concept for feasability/viability. Moreover, we want to create awareness and interest among the public to engage in the transition of the transportation sector, and are launching projects targeted at this goal.

So far, the focus of our efforts has been on Bremen and its surrounding areas. Now, however, we want to take things a step further: with our event ÖffiCON*, which will take place in March 2021, we want to spark action for the expansion of local transit throughout Germany – and beyond its borders. We believe that building up networks and exchanging knowledge is fundamental for developing and implementing new methods/ways of financing local transport – it is the only way we can achieve a transition towards climate friendly mobility in the next years. We want to invite you to join us in thinking up new visions of local transport, so that everyone, everywhere can simply ‚hop on‘.