Terms of Service

Behaviour at the conference

The aim of the event is to network actors and provide knowledge around the topic of local transport. To achieve this goal, Einfach Einsteigen is organising an online conference with lectures, workshops and interactive formats. In order to ensure a smooth running of the conference and to achieve the conference goal, discussions and conversations at the conference, whether written or oral, should always remain factual and issue-related. We ask all participants to refrain from offensive or discriminatory language. We reserve the right to exercise our digital domiciliary rights and to exclude participants from the conference in case of violation.

Recording of conference contributions

In order to make the content of ÖffiCON* available to interested persons afterwards, we will record conference content and contributions. This includes written and oral contributions, faces of participants if they have turned on their cameras, voices and shared content of participants and speakers. Please note that we will publish the recordings of these conference contributions on the internet. It is possible to object to the release of this data at any time.

Cancellation of the conference

We will do everything possible to ensure that the conference runs smoothly. We accept no liability for the disruption of the conference due to technical problems. If the conference cannot be held due to force majeure or in connection with the Corona virus, a refund of conference fees is possible. However, we would like to point out that it is not possible for the organisers to carry out the event without these contributions.


This is a translation of the German template. Please note that the German text is the binding version. The german version shall prevail.