Our facilitators

In order to “rethink local public transport ” together, the conference needs a good framework. Numerous facilitators actively support us in this. We would like to introduce them briefly:

Alina Götz has been a trainee at taz.nord in Bremen since October 2019, where she enjoys writing about climate, protest, parliamentary affairs, transformation of mobility, feminism and sports. She has lived in Bremen for eight years and studied Political Science and Complex Decision Making here. Mail: goetz@taz.de / Twitter: @AdrenalinaGoetz

Marie C. Hornbach already dealt with the forms and questions of social coexistence, its inherent power structures, forms of exclusion and especially the fields of feminism as well as human beings and the environment relationship during her “Philosophy and Arts” master’s degree. She currently works for the queerfilm festival Bremen and is a freelance facilitator. | Contact: marie.hornbach@posteo.de

Lena Jehle is a freelance trainer and facilitator specializing in linguistic mediation & multilingualism, self-organization, participation and social transformation. Glad to have access to collective two- and four-wheelers in her village and advocate for a fundamental mobility shift for urban and rural areas. Contact: https://ueberdenken.net/?page_id=71

For Joachim Kremers ecological and social processes can not be looked at without each other. He discovered this while living at ZEGG ecovillage between 2012-2018 and learning essentials about self-organising, deep ecology, group dynamics and personal development there – in theory and practice. He is currently studying philosophy and economy at Cusanus University of Society Design and works as trainer, coach, facilitator and organizational consultant. Contact: joachimkremers@posteo.de

Anna Niesing is studying for a Master’s degree in “Economics – Sustainability – Society Design” at Cusanus University of Society Design. At the same time, she works as a student assistant at the Institute for Ecological Economy Research (IÖW) in Berlin. She is intensively engaged with ideas and concepts for a socially just and ecologically sustainable transformation. She is particularly interested in topics such as degrowth, alternative community projects and education for sustainable development. Contact: anna.niesing@posteo.de

Philipp Piechura is doing his PhD in urban and spatial sociology with a focus on refugee research and teaches at the Bremen Center for Performance Studies. He also works freelance in political education. Contact: ppiechura@posteo.net