The Awareness team of the ÖffiCON*

Jona Peters and Leonie Harth
Number: 0049157 39123857

Important: We see ourselves as the first point of contact. However, we are not trained, but would like to support you as a point of contact.

Call us!
At the ÖffiCON* you will find the Awareness Team, which is there to help you when it comes to a case of discrimination / border crossing. We are also there if you need a place to retreat due to overwhelm or just another person to talk to. Our contact information is above.

What is Awareness?
Awareness is an awareness that people can feel discriminated against, overwhelmed or left alone at events for a variety of reasons and that action is taken against this and individuals are assisted. The awareness team is responsible and sensitized to ensure mindful and respectful interaction and to intervene if people feel uncomfortable or disadvantaged with situations.

Awareness is a concept that stands against all forms of discrimination, violence and boundary violations. Violating and border-crossing behavior, such as sexist, racist, homophobic, transphobic, ableist or comparable assaults, will not be tolerated. Those affected are strengthened in the sense of empowerment and actively supported in developing their own strategies for dealing with discrimination.

When is a situation an awareness case?
If people see their boundaries violated and what behavior is experienced as violence can vary greatly. The right to decide when something feels violent and assaultive lies with the person affected by it. We do not question what is experienced.


It is important to us that the people who come to us can remain anonymous. If we enter into dialogue with a person about whom a complaint has been made, we will not mention names unless this is explicitly requested.

Respectful treatment and language
The goal of ÖffiCON* is to connect stakeholders and provide knowledge around mass transit. To achieve this goal, Einfach Einsteigen organizes an online conference with lectures, workshops and interactive formats, among others. To enable the conference to run smoothly and to achieve the conference goal, discussions and conversations at the conference, whether written or verbal, should always remain factual and on-topic. We ask all participants to refrain from offensive or discriminatory language. We reserve the right to exercise our digital domiciliary rights and exclude participants from the conference in case of violation.

Should an incident occur and we as the awareness team are called in, you as the affected person will decide what form of support you would like to receive. Together we will look for ways of dealing with the situation and possible courses of action.

Just because discriminatory behavior is not intentional does not make the experience of discrimination any less bad. Nevertheless, assaults sometimes happen out of ignorance. We would like this ignorance to become knowledge and thus to change one’s own behavior. In this sense we would like to facilitate a dialogue. Ultimately, however, it is up to you as the person affected to decide whether you would like to have a discussion (moderated and accompanied if necessary) with the person who initiated the discrimination.

At this point we would like to point out that we as an awareness team do not have experience and knowledge of all forms of discrimination. Nevertheless, we have the ambition to dismantle existing hierarchies in our own contexts and to dissolve discriminatory structures.

We hope that the conference will run smoothly and that you will all feel comfortable. We are happy if you come in with a good feeling and leave with a hopefully even better feeling!

Until then, all the best and stay safe!

Your Awarenessteam (Leonie & Jona)

Number : 0049157 39123857