“ÖffiCON*” achieves international attention

Bremen’s transport transformation initiative Einfach Einsteigen is organising an online event from 18-21 March 2021

Bremen. The Einfach Einsteigen initiative invites you to its first international public transport conference from 18th to 21st March 2021. The event will focus on the question of how public transport can become a central building block of a comprehensive transport transformation and what new possibilities for funding are conceivable after the cuts caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. The registration phase is open and will be open to all interested parties until mid-March.

In addition to numerous German representatives from politics, initiatives and science, international actors will also be represented at the conference. Among others, the CEO of the Los Angeles Metro Phil Washington and the Minister of Transport of Luxembourg François Bausch will discuss the future of public transport and sustainable mobility after the pandemic.

“ÖffiCON* aims to stimulate a change in mobility beyond national borders. The international character offers the potential to unite different ideas and perspectives to jointly advance a real transport transformation and strengthen the role of public transport,” explains Mark Wege, one of the spokespersons of Einfach Einsteigen.

Public transport is only conceivable in a new way if many people who use it every day participate in its future design. Einfach Einsteigen therefore explicitly invites not only experts, but all people who are interested in a sustainable change in transport and the future of public transport.

“We are looking forward to a diverse conference with exciting presentations and numerous opportunities to talk to the speakers,” says Annika Fuchs, Head of Event Management at Einfach Einsteigen. There will be various roundtables and lectures that, in addition to financing and implementing a transport transformation, will deal with topics such as public transport in rural areas, the expansion of electromobility and the reactivation of routes.

Interested parties can find information about the conference and the organisers at www.oefficon.eu. The main sponsor of ÖffiCON* is the Federal Environment Agency. In addition to grants, the conference is also financed by participation fees. In order to do justice to the different target groups and possibilities of the participants, the contributions can be freely chosen.