“Rethinking public transport!” is worth it, according to EU report

EU-study reveals: good public transport means high degree of satisfaction and high quality of life

Public transport plays a key role in urban life. This much is proven by an EU-study on the quality of life in European cities, which regularly asks inhabitants of major European cities to share their experiences with and opinions on life in their city. For the new 2020 study, 58.100 people from 83 European cities were questioned.

Interplay between public transport and quality of life

The report shows that public transport is used more frequently in those cities, where inhabitants are happy with the service. Hence, we can draw two possible conclusions: Either a well-developed public transport network attracts more passengers and encourages higher use. Or public transport is appreciated particularly by those who use it on a regular basis and make good experiences doing so. What is noteworthy is the interplay between the public transport system of a city and its quality of life: The happier people are with the quality of public transport in their city, the higher they evaluate its quality of life. How can this insight be used for the transportation transformation? What improvements of public transport systems and services are needed?

These and further topics will be discussed at ÖffiCON* – Rethinking public transport!”: The online-conference will take place from 18-21 March 2021. Under the motto „The Future & Financing of Sustainable Mobility beyond Covid-19”; ÖffiCON* offers the opportunity to discuss and work on central questions of the transportation transformation through a variety of formats. Further information can be found at www.oefficon.eu.