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ÖffiCON* – Rethinking Public Transport!

The future and financing of sustainable mobility after the Covid-19 pandemic

How can public transit become the key element for a comprehensive transformation of mobility? From March 18th to 21st, ÖffiCON* will give you the opportunity to re-think public transport. We will discuss alternative financing models for expanding and maintaining the transit system and explore the chances and perspectives that a new approach to mobility offers. How can public transit serve to achieve a transformation of mobility? How can it contribute to making cities both more lively and more liveable; more people-friendly? How can we foster the implementation of sustainable mobility in rural areas?

You are invited!

We invite (local) politicians, researchers, representatives of initiatives and associations to enter into discussion and exchange opinions. Our online-conference offers a comprehensive programme with many chances for interaction, including presentations, panels and workshops. If you‘d like to get involved, you can let us know via our Call for Participation.

The future of public transport

Public transit will assume a key role in the years to come: it constitutes the backbone of a transformation of the transportation sector, in which a multimodal system integrating transit, walking and biking represents a true/valid/real alternative to cars. To achieve this, substantial investments in expansion and modernization of the system are needed. Even before the pandemic, it was obvious that the available funds would not suffice. Now, the debate about new financing models for public transit has picked up speed again, as transit operators have suffered high revenue losses due to lower passenger numbers. Also, the pandemic caused passengers to lose trust in public transit.

Yet, the crisis also offers enormous chances. During the ÖffiCON*, we will focus on these chances, and ask: how can we make the future and financing of sustainably mobility after the Covid-19 pandemic work?