FAQ: Frequently asked Questions

Information on the Call for Participation

Is there a deadline for submitting contributions?

The deadline for submitting proposals for possible contributions is February 14th 2021.

What are the conditions for submitting a contribution?

If you want to submit a topic for one of our workshops or speeches, you can use the Call for Participation. Please indicate the language in which you will lead as well as the topic you will present. In order to hold a workshop, you must familiarize yourself with the challenges and specificities of online educational formats beforehand. We will offer multiplier-workshops in February 2021, which will allow you to gain insights into conducting educational instruction online.

When will I receive confirmation of my submission?

We will inform you as soon as possible whether your workshop will be held at ÖffiCON*, until February 20th 2021 at the latest.

Can I also apply to be a speaker?

In addition to workshops, the conference will also offer lectures, keynote speeches, panel discussions and a social programme. If you are interested in being part of the conference as a speaker or moderator, just have a look at the Call for Participation. If you don’t find what you’re looking for there, feel free to send us an email!

Are conference contributions paid?

We have a limited conference budget, so we will only be able to pay for a small part of the contributions. We would like to give preference to people who are not institutionally affiliated and – in the spirit of diversity – contribute perspectives that are not usually or (too) little represented at such conferences. We will also be guided by the effort and quality of the contributions. In the Call for Participation, we will ask about financial needs.

Can I also suggest topics or speakers?

For sure! Just send us an email to wege@oefficon.eu.

Programme & at the conference

Which formats are offered at the conference?

The way we organize ÖffiCON* is based on our own ideas of a great conference. We want to appreciate the online-format as a chance which creates many possibilities: It enables us to bring together highly interesting speakers and experts from all over the world, to put on our outfits for a collective session of Yoga, to get connected and to avoid endless line ups at the loo. Together, we will listen to inspiring presentations and form new alliances. The little in-betweens will allow us to get interconnected, in coffee breaks or at tea. Stay tuned and ready for ÖffiCON*!

What are virtual excursions?

We want to offer a format at the conference which we also appreciate on real-life conferences: Excursions. How does a virtual excursion work? By taking participants to a virtual walk through your project, city or to your place of change. If you like, you can subscribe to the call for participation in order to submit a short documentary or video message. Creative formats are welcome!

Can I participate at the conference even though I don’t speak German?

Absolutely. We will have workshops in german and english. All speeches will be available in both german and english because we will offer translation. If you want to submit a proposal for the conference feeling more comfortable in another language, please send us an e-mail! We will try to enable translation from other languages if needed.

How can I support you at the conference?

We are searching for volunteers supporting us at and before the conference. Also, we are looking for translators and facilitators. Have a look at our Call for Participation!

Sign up for Öfficon*

How much does Öfficon* cost?

Taking part in ÖffiCON* is free, conducting the conference is not. We will be able to partly cover the costs for the conference through stipends and donators’ contributions. However, every donation and financial contribution is very much welcome as it helps us do our work and bring the conference into being. You can donate here.

When does registration open?

Registration for Öfficon* starts on February 10th 2021.

Surprisingly, I will not be able to participate. What can I do?

You can’t take part in ÖffiCON* after all? What a shame! Parts of the conference will, however, be made available online afterwards. Please let us know early if you won’t be able to attend, so we can offer your place to someone else. Cancellations can be sent to team@oefficon.eu.