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Day 2: Friday, 19. March 2021

Which tariff offers support climate protection?

Workshop EN

Jochen Sauer

Using 4 future scenarios we will show different tariffs and their impact on the demand and financing of public transport. In smaller groups we will then discuss the climate impacts of every scenario and present them to the other groups in the end. The workshop wants to improve one's knowledge of the climate impact different tariffs produce.

Lifts as an addition to public transport – a win-win situation for people, mobility and climate?


Marion Jungbluth, Bastian Kettner, Roman Suthold, Wolfram Uerlich, Calvin Deppisch

Lifts can help reduce the public transport overload, which helps the profitableness of public traffic networks and expands the local mobility options. Carpools like this are environmental-friendly, but how can they be a part of public transport, and what are the difficulties? We invite you to join our discussion with different political, economical and scientific perspectives.

Fewer cars, more life: The art of the transforming cities into sustainable, vital urban spaces (EN)


, Elizabeth Deakin, Filip Watteeuw, Anabel Gulías Torreiro

Our cities are congested with cars. They degrade our air quality, are a great factor in noise nuisance and take up a lot of space. With this in mind, we want to take up on the question of how to improve air quality in cities and how we can decrease land consumption of cars. How can public transport play a role?

Day 3: Saturday, 20. March 2021

Investment offensive for the environmental network – public transport summit now!

Workshop EN

Mira Ball

We have had enough auto-mobile summits, now we want to talk about the environmental network (cars, busses, bikes). In September 2020 FFF, ver.di, BUND, BUNDjugend, VCD, attac, EVG, Changing Cities, Campact and Naturfreunde presented their collective position paper for the environmental network and have since been fighting for a public transport summit. With growing numbers of supporters, we would like to discuss our ideas about the mobility transformation and make plans on how to reach our goals.