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Each day there will be up to three central, moderated panels on the central topics of ÖffiCON* with 4 to 5 panellists.

Day 1: Thursday, 18. March 2021



Andreas Bovenschulte, Katrin Dziekan, Mirko Schulte

Today we will be officially starting the first ÖffiCON*! After welcoming and introducing Einfach Einsteigen to you, we will give you a first impression of our speakers and the main topics of this conference.

Opening Panel: The future of public transport & sustainable mobility after COVID-19 (EN)


Katrin Dziekan, François Bausch, Phil Washington

The first evening starts with guests from all around the local traffic community and transport policy, such as Phil Washington or Katrin Dziekan. In a cozy environment we want to find out, how we can advance the transport transformation and public transport. The focus of the discussion will be on the impact of Covid-19 on public transport.

Day 2: Friday, 19. March 2021

Financing options for public transport


The Covid-19 pandemic emphasizes the fragility of an only ticket-based way of financing public transport. Several cities in Europe are already offering free or ticket-free use of local transport. What can we learn from these concepts?

Fewer cars, more life: The art of the transforming cities into sustainable, vital urban spaces (EN)


, Elizabeth Deakin, Filip Watteeuw, Anabel Gulías Torreiro

Our cities are congested with cars. They degrade our air quality, are a great factor in noise nuisance and take up a lot of space. With this in mind, we want to take up on the question of how to improve air quality in cities and how we can decrease land consumption of cars. How can public transport play a role?

Day 3: Saturday, 20. March 2021

Mobility for all: human-facing local traffic


Public space and therefore also public transit is not accessible for everyone in the same way. For many people mobility means free space and social participation. From this view public transit and its’ easy accessibility is essential for social equity. How can a public be designed to give all people with their different requierments the same chance of mobility?

How will the local traffic & the traffic transformation in Bremen continue?


Michael Jonitz, Ralph Saxe, Wolfgang Geißler, Anja Schiemann, Janin Schaffer

Bremen is popular for being a bike city. In the summer of 2019 the newly elected federal state government contractually obligated themselves to create a car free city center and fulfilling all traffic transformations that have to result from that step. What has happened since? How the plans of a car free city center, innovation in public transit and attending aspects are pressed ahead? Bremen’s Social Democrats presented their plan last week: With the “Bremen-Ticket” they want to establish a fare-free public transit including a permanent expansion. But the big advancement with one conclusive plan that brings all singular policies of innovation together could still not be found. With ambassadors of political parties, Einfach Einsteigen and one scientist we discuss what is necessary for the success of a green traffic transformation in Bremen.

Day 4: Sunday, 21. March 2021

Closing Panel


At this last event we want to end the ÖffiCON*. We will deliberate, look back on the past days and summarize our new ideas. Therefore, we will also be looking forward: What will the traffic turnaround bring us in the future? How can we build a network for this exact purpose and what kind of actions will be needed? This event was all about the "Rethinking public transport!" and we hope that the ÖffiCON* has helped to fulfill it.