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Roundtables are composed of three to five short presentations followed by a discussion session.

Day 2: Friday, 19. March 2021

Tools for the traffic turnaround (EN)


Besides developing the traffic network, we also need technical tools for a traffic transformation. Which tools (for example apps) are useful and how we can make them more accessible, will be part of the discussion.

Gender & diversity (EN)


At this roundtable we will talk about how public transport is not excluded from gender mainstreaming and how this affects different people using it. Besides gender, we will be discussing how secure and accessible public transport is while looking at different viewpoints on the topic. What problems emerge from Gender Mainstreaming in the area of public transport, and how can we make a change?

Tariff models & experiments


Jochen Sauer, Philip Bedall, Stefan Weigele

Traffic turnaround and the request for more public transport demands a new financial structure. We have invited different speakers to talk about the new and existing tariff models and their (dis-)advantages.

Lifts as an addition to public transport – a win-win situation for people, mobility and climate?


Marion Jungbluth, Bastian Kettner, Roman Suthold, Wolfram Uerlich, Calvin Deppisch

Lifts can help reduce the public transport overload, which helps the profitableness of public traffic networks and expands the local mobility options. Carpools like this are environmental-friendly, but how can they be a part of public transport, and what are the difficulties? We invite you to join our discussion with different political, economical and scientific perspectives.

Sense of security in public transport


Diana Silvestru

At this roundtable Diana Silvestru and Collectivo Punt 6 will be joining us. Collectivo Punt 6 from Barcelona are talking about a study about the daily life of female night shift workers and how they experience their way home. It is also about barriers, fears and insecurities on their way in the dark. Diana Silvestru dealt with the subjective sense of security in public transport in her master's thesis "Safe en route through Vienna!".

Route reactivation


Bente Grimm, Wolfgang Konukiewitz, Bettina Fabich

Over the last decades a lot of the routes of the railway network have been abandoned. Today, we have more and more demands for route reactivation. Most of the old routes could be reactivated, which would be a big step towards the traffic turnaround. How this can be implemented will be part of this discussion.

Day 3: Saturday, 20. March 2021

Public transport in rural areas


Prof. Dr. Jana Kühl, Fabian Lohmann, Stefan Reinhardt, Bernd-Uwe Kleist

The extension of local traffic is always talked about in an urban context, but we also need to focus on rural areas. In these areas, public transportation faces different barriers compared to cities. We want to find out, what barriers there are and what steps we have to take accordingly.

Mobility as a service


Public transport after Covid-19


Martin Schiefelbusch, Niklas Hoffmann

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the number of local traffic users has decreased and the public transport had to face financial penalties. Even though studies have shown that the risk for a Covid-19 infection in public transport are overrated, measures for making public transport more attractive will have to be taken. We will discuss the future of public transport and the need for certain measures.